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To unite members of the sports information community in reducing the non-creative drudgeries of data processing, thereby spurring innovation in content collection, analysis, and display.

About Us

Members of the Sports Standards Alliance hold a common belief that sports fans benefit when technical barriers to sports data processing are lowered. Founding members include pioneers and power users of open source sports software, content, and data formats.

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Open Formats + Open Data = Wiser Fans

The case for Sports Standards

A comprehensive and well-used family of data standards can be just the remedy for overworked programmers charged with processing, manipulating, analyzing, and displaying sports data. Wheels don't have to be reinvented when taking in information from diverse sources. Open software code libraries can be put to use to simplify common chores.

The website aims to be the leading tracker of open sports data protocols and projects. Whether you're interested in publishing or analyzing golf leaderboards, NFL player stats, or Olympics results, our family of websites likely has some insights to make your project easier and better. The cooperation of our community members aims to generate a more robust and competitive marketplace of sports data processing tools and services for everybody.

Sports Standards Alliance Looks to Expand Board (January 31, 2008 4:38pm EST)

During the debut beta phase of, the Sports Standards Alliance is seeking out individuals and organizations that have played a public role in the encouragement of open sports standards and open data distribution. During February and March, a larger Board, and also a public mailing list, are expected to be announced.